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Jessica's Profile

I own the salon.

I knew I always wanted to own a business and work for myself, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what business. What better idea than to own a salon and get pampered by the best professionals in Brevard County!

My passion is business development and encouraging every employee to take on leadership roles. Here at BarSalona Lounge, we are all business owners and work together with the same end goal.

My education background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

My diversified business experience includes 10 years of B2B with PepsiCo and American Integrity - including sales, management, customer service, and special events. I also started my mobile karaoke company in 2013 - Runway Karaoke!

I am so happy to begin the new venture of BarSalona Lounge, here is to the summer of 2017!